{March 17, 2012}   Facebook and Twitter – Thumbs up or thumbs down?

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m assisting Albany Fitness in setting up their website and online social media tools. Like most these days, I’m an avid Facebook user, so surely, completing a business page would be straight forward… Wrong! All the little things that don’t matter with your personal page become much more evident when you consider the impact it could have for potential customers.

Such as the cover photo for the new timeline for businesses. I now fully understand why Facebook has allowed us a month to set it up before it goes live. And the statistics – looks impressive – but what on Earth does it mean to us?! I am pleased to say however, that after a six hour effort (almost as long as it took me to discover how this blog thing works) I did manage to merge place with page so that check-ins link up. It also helped me discover why those 21 inch iMacs are so great – the laptop only lasts so long without a sore neck and splitting headache!

So are these tools worth it? Is it really a necessary use of time in order for businesses to progress? Or is it just another way for customers to lash out at our supposed wrong doings as a company, and allow competitors to jump on the bandwagon. And don’t even ask me what Twitter is. All I know is that Lady Gaga has a huge amount of followers, and I have no idea how it helps her, or anyone else for that matter. It seems uninformative, and downright silly!

But, there is a point to it all. Graeme McMillan performed his own study, where he discovered a simplistic discovery – people are interested in Twitter because it is what it is – short and sweet. Individuals and companies have 140 characters to make their point. That’s 140 characters to rave or rant about your company. That could be a very blunt point with a potentially huge impact! From a customer perspective, I can also see how using Twitter would make a nice change from the lengthy waffle we see in ordinary marketing campaigns.  Check out the rest of his blog on the topic here

It has also been noted that 71% of companies do not respond to posts on Twitter that negatively criticise their organisation. This is a staggering percentage. For those of us NOT on Facebook or Twitter, is it ever really feasible to be in the situation where you cannot respond and take charge? Especially when over 70% of users said they would like it if the company responded. Definitely worth a read at Freelance Copy Writers Blog

At the end of the day, these two uses of social media come back to my original topic… Rule One. Yes these methods of communication encourage individuals to say whatever they like, even when they wouldn’t have the courage to say it to your face. But it also gives you in business, the opportunity to provide timely and appropriate feedback to rectify the situation, and it does allow greater interaction with all. Remember, if we don’t take care of the customers… somebody else will!

There you go – Facebook and Twitter. What do you think? It’s a thumbs up for me – or one like as it is in this World.


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